Jewish Art Calendar

Preparations are under way for the printing of the Jewish Calendar for Chabad. We will be producing this attractive multi-color publication and sending it to the Jewish Community of Tampa.

The calendar will include detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times, traditional Jewish recipes, and popular thematic artwork.

We believe this is also an extraordinary advertising opportunity to market your business or services to the Jewish Community of Tampa.  Unlike newspaper ads that are seen once and discarded, this business promotion will benefit you continuously, as it is displayed in homes and offices throughout the community the whole year round, thus ensuring optimum visibility for your products or services, and maximum return for your dollar.

Your participation helps us with this worthy endeavor, as well as with our other efforts on behalf of the Jewish Community of Tampa.

Please upload your ad or send a check to Bais Menachem Chabad: 1319 North B. Tampa FL 33606 or call or text 813-504-4432 for pickup.

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