Here’s what we provide for students on campus

Chabad publishes a yearly Jewish calendar which includes information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times,
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Job Seekers
Chabad can help students find paid internships, part-time jobs and entry-level opportunities and volunteer positions at many businesses in the
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Job Hirers
Please tell us what you’re looking for your respective employee. For more info you can contact Rabbi Levi Rivkin at
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BLT – Bagels Lox and Tefillin
Binding mind, heart and deed The Mitzvah that binds our minds with our hearts and deeds, and allows a daily
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Israel Experience
Pre-register for Birthright. This is a FREE 10-day trip to Israel. Make sure you’re doing it with the Chabad at
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Synagogue Experience
Join our user-friendly traditional prayer services for a spiritually inspiring experience! Learn to pray, hear the Torah being read every
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Show your Jewish Pride! Want a Mezuzah for your Dorm Room or apartment? Chabad has them! What is a Mezuzah?
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Jewish Holiday Programs
Explore the life, essence and joy of the festivals. Join us for a meaningful and inspiring Rosh Hashana and Yom
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Challah Baking
Roll up your sleeves and knead some dough. Learn the ancient craft of Challah Baking as it has been practiced
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Classes & Lectures
Chabad offers a variety of classes and lecture series, providing opportunities to question and learn.  Interested in a specific topic?
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Shabbat Meals
The Chabad house at The University of Tampa is famous for its outstanding weekly Shabbat experience. The intimate and elegant
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